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One Piece x Hello Kitty Crossover Goods Previewed

1st 29 items, including plush mascots, earphones, T-shirts, to launch next week

The brand maker Sanrio previewed the first wave of the One Piece x Hello Kitty series of collaborative goods on Thursday. The series was originally announced in August, and the first 29 items — which range from 399-yen (about US$5.30) clear files to 3,465-yen (US$45.70) T-shirts — will launch on November 3. The concept of this collaboration has Chopper and the other characters from One Piece coming "to play in the world of Hello Kitty."

Mascot Holders

Mascot Accessories


Tissue Box Case

Game Pouch

B6-Size Notebook

T-Shirt (M/L)

20 companies will release stationery, goods, clothing, accessories, and other items, starting with K Company (mobile accessories), Shōwa Note (stationery) and Bandai (mobile phone accessories, apparel). In addition, Sanrio itself also plans to sell character goods. Sanrio aims to have about 350 types of characters goods on sale within a year.


need those plushies and if they have amazing designs for more bags... omfg
Tags: anime/animation, super kawaii

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