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How Aya Hirano Got Her Groove Back: 4 New Regular Roles Picked Up

Hirano reveals she is a series regular on 4 more programs since changing agencies

Voice actress Aya Hirano reported on Thursday that she picked up new roles as a series regular on four different programs.

Hirano had said in April that she was under orders that prohibited her from acting in new anime since last year. She then left her former agency Space Craft Entertainment in August and started working with her new agency Grick. Within a week of joining Grick, she recorded dialogue for her first new work "in a long time."

Hirano's continuing and previously announced roles include Lucy in Fairy Tail, Garnet on Jewelpet Sunshine, and Menchi on the new Hunter x Hunter anime. Hirano revealed that she has four new regular roles after reporting that she will start recording for a new program on Friday. A follower had then asked if she was perhaps co-starring with fellow voice actress Romi Park in that new program.


i'm just glad they're not changing voices for lucy. that'd be awkward. :(

can mods watch this to make sure there's no slut shaming?
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