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Murakami's '1Q84' makes big splash in Big Apple


NEW YORK — An English translation of the Haruki Murakami novel "1Q84" hit New York bookstore shelves Tuesday, two years after the best-seller was released in Japanese, with some shops holding events to celebrate the arrival and opening their doors at midnight for enthusiastic fans.

At an event Monday evening at Three Lives & Company in Greenwich Village, about 70 people lined up to be the first to buy the book, according to store manager Toby Cox.

Meanwhile, the Word bookstore over in Brooklyn held a "read-a-thon" where fans were encouraged to share their favorite passages from past Murakami books while counting down to the release at midnight.

An audience of about 65 showed up, with "The Elephant Vanishes" being the most popular of the night.

"It was a really enthusiastic crowd. They were really excited about the book," events manager Jenn Northington said, adding the new book was "moving really quickly" on its first day.

At Kinokuniya's Manhattan store, about 70 books had been preordered, according to store manager John Fuller, who described Tuesday's sales as encouraging.

Readers were looking forward to starting "1Q84" and seeing how it relates to Murakami's past works as well as other literature.

"I first read 'Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World' while in Japan and really enjoyed reading it while in the context of Japan," Joie Reinstein, a 30-year-old fashion editor, said before buying the new book at Kinokuniya on Tuesday afternoon. "I'm really interested to see how it relates to George Orwell's '1984,' " she said.

Originally three volumes in Japanese, the English translation by Jay Rubin of Harvard and Philip Gabriel of the University of Arizona was published by Random House in a 944-page single volume.
Synopsis from wiki here

Makes me wanna pick up my reading habit again. I miss spending time with a good book :) other than work-related books lol

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