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NICO 「HUMANIA」 Covers revealed! & some DVD info

^ Promo image

^ Cover for Limited Edition

^ Cover for Regular Edition

After only 8 months since they released  「PASSENGER」, NICO Touches the Walls are releasing a new album called  「HUMANIA」. The covers have finally been revealed!

As for the DVD which comes with the Limited Edition - the DVD will have a full Acoustic session live entitled 「NICO Touches the Walls Acoustic Sessions〜アコタッチと呼んでみて☆〜」 (NICO Touches the Walls Acoustic Sessions〜akotachi to yonde mite☆〜).

The full tracklist has also been revealed as well:

1. Heim
2. 衝突 / Shōtotsu
3. バイシクル / Bicycle
4. カルーセル / Carousel
5. 極東ID / Kyokutō ID
6. 恋をしよう / Koi o shiyou
7. Endless roll
8. 業々/ Gō
9. demon (is there?)
10. 手をたたけ/ Te wo Tatake
11. 手をたたけ(NICO edition) - Bonus Track -

「NICO Touches the Walls Acoustic Sessions〜アコタッチと呼んでみて☆〜」

「HUMANIA」 will be released on 7th December, please support them and purchase their album if you can~ ^_^

And please check out nicotouch for more consisten updates on them.
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