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Erepyon is back to showbiz!

Former AKB48 Ono Erena annouced in her official blog that she will returns to showbiz, now onder LesPros Entertainment.

Translation for her blog post



At this point in time, I, Ono Erena, am now under LesPro Entertainment.

Ever since I graduated from AKB48, I have been able to think of what happens next. I think many know this as well, but I had aspirations to see the world and study abroad.

But. as expected, I realized that I don't feel alive off the stage. It's silly that I only realized this after I stopped.


The feeling that I want to meet fans one more time is one that is huge, and one that does not seem to disappear.

And so I, Ono Erena, decided to once again work hard in this [entertainment] world.

I am glad to be able to receive your support, just as you have all this time.


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