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Kazefui: 1.30 million. AKB reaches 10 million total single sales and even more records broken

AKB's latest single "Kaze wa fuiteiru" sold 1.30 million copies on its debut week, ranking at the top position of the Oricon weekly charts.

"Kaze wa fuiteiru" is AKB's 10th consecutive single debuting at 1#, making AKB the first female group to make such achievement surprising Pink Lady's record of 9 consecutive 1# singles ("S·O·S (1978/11 Release) ~ "Chameleon Army" (1978/12 Release)) re-writing the music history after almost 33 years.

following their 2 previous singles "Flying Get" (First week sales: 1.35 million) and "Everyday, Kachuusha" (First week sales: 1.33 million), this gives AKB a new record as the first artist ever to have 3 consecutive singles as million sellers on their first week in japan, as well as gives AKB the monopoly in the top 3 of the "Highest First Week sales" in Oricon's Singles category.

Counting this single's sales, AKB has reached a total of 10.034.000 CD single sales. being the forth female group in japan holding this record after Pink Lady, SPEED and Morning Musume.

    Highest First Week Sales in Japan (Singles, Top 5)

    1. AKB48 / Flying Get (2011/08/24): 1.354.000 copies
    2. AKB48 / Everyday, Kachuusha (2011/05/25): 1.334.000 copies
    3. AKB48 / Kaze wa Fuiteiru (2011/11/26): 1.300.000 copies

    4. Mr.Children / Namonaki Uta (1996/02/05): 1.208.000 copies
    5. Utada Hikaru / Addicted To You (1999/11/10): 1.068.000 copie

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