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maki flirting with h!p: promotion or premonition?

Goto Maki has spent the past weeks blogging about sevral encounters with Takahashi Ai, Yaguchi Mari, and others in H!P/UFA. She even attended Dream Morning Musume concert in Nakano, on stage.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Even Tsunku tweeted a picture of them holding a private reunion! Such an interaction between two labels (Avex and UFA) has surprised netizens and made them wonder whether this is mutual promotion or something else.

Inevitably, the media started arousing all kind of gossip on Maki's future, and a rumor appeared that she might participate on NHK's Kouhaku along Dream Morning Musume. True or false, the industry insiders are sure that there is some huge surprise from Goto this year before entering hiatus.

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