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lego big morl 3rd full album, studio live mini-album and new PV

lego big morl‘s PV for their new song, “Seijou na Kyouki” has been released on OORONG RECORDS‘s official YouTube channel! This song will be the lead song for their new album, “Re:Union” to be released on December 7.

The PV has been made very uniquely, displaying scenes shot from various angles as well as with numerous slow-shooting methods. It also includes a few comical scenes, showing the 4 band members performing with blonde wigs. Members have left comments saying that, although the prolonged shooting was very troublesome and arduous, they have never laughed as much as they did for this PV production.

Source: Natalie, Tokyofever, Oorong Records YT Channel

3rd Album | December 7, 2011
Available in 2 versions: Regular (CD only) and Limited (CD+DVD) Editions
Preorder at: HMV (RE -LE), CD Japan (RE -LE), Yesasia (RE -LE) or (RE -LE)

1. 素晴らしき世界
2. Fo(u)r rockstars
3. 雨のタクシー
4. Flowers
5. 正常な狂気
6. memento
7. Hit song crazy
8. さよならジャーニー
9. ダーリン
10. Re:Union

1. Flowers
2. nice to
3. 隣の少女と僕と始まり 
4. FROM 12 TO 4
5. Fo(u)r rockstars 
6. ダーリン
7. ワープ
8. moonwalk for a week
9. Ray
10. space dive
1. 正常な狂気
2. Re:Union

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

This month, lego will be releasing a studio live mini-album entitled, "for Flowers." It's a Tower Records limited release.

for Flowers
November 16, 2011 |¥1,575(tax in) 

・nice to
・FROM 12 TO 4
・Fo(u)r rockstars
・space dive

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