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Tackey & Tsubasa talk about an Asia tour, relationships, and Tohoku

On November 1st, popular unit Tackey & Tsubasa held a live concert at Yoyogi First Gymnasium as part of their nationwide tour. They drew 15,000 wildly cheering fans, which promised a great start to their first live at this venue.

Since next year will be Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10th debut anniversary, they revealed that they were planning to hold a large-scale tour which will also include concerts in Asia. Takizawa Hideaki (29) said, “I promised the fans in Taiwan that we would come back again when we held an event there before we debuted. Consequently, I would like to try an Asia tour.”

The duo also talked about their visit to Ishinomaki-city in Miyagi back in September, an area that was heavily affected by the Tohoku disaster.  Imai Tsubasa (30) commented, “I felt like the earthquake hasn’t ended at the actual places yet. I want to start next year’s tour from the Tohoku region.”

Moving on, Tackey & Tsubasa shared that they quietly celebrated Imai’s 30th birthday last month by eating alone at a Chinese restaurant. Imai revealed, “We had some shark fin soup and other dishes at the first restaurant, then I was taken to a second place by limousine. It felt like ‘Sex and the City’.” Takizawa also remarked happily, “It was one of the few opportunities for us to take time to talk. We were able to have a good conversation between men.”


Before the concert, the two held a press conference where Takizawa denied the story about how he was dating a non-celebrity woman. After firmly stating that she was one of his acquaintances, he said, “I made our fans worry. I would like to step forward towards our 10th anniversary.

While on the topic of relationships, they were also asked about marriage. Imai commented, “I have no desire for marriage to be honest, but I will announce it when the time comes.” Takizawa also said, “I can’t really imagine it. Maybe when the time’s right.”

Source: Sports Hochi + Sanspo and tokyohive

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