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Meet the 28 girls of JKT48 (plus profile pic and local coverage)

28 girls have been chosen as JKT48 members!  Check out their pics below ^^

There will be short profile of the girls (like birth date, height, blood type, horoscope) if you visit JKT48 official website.
Hopefully there's more coverage from our local media.
Local coverage from tabloidbintang.com:
under news section

JKT48, a not-yet-perfect girlband

Yesterday (2/11),  Yasushi Akimoto (founder of  AKB48), have formally announced the first group of JKT48. Akimoto stated that this girlband is different from the other.

"The concept of this is a not-yet-perfect girlband," said Akimoto at the Grand Hyatt, Jakarta, after being a jury in the final audition JKT48.

The meaning of not-yet-perfect  is based on an ongoing process to perfection that the girls will be going through,even after they have already been formally established now.

Unlike the girlband from South Korea, which appears after considered mature through trainings, girlband under his care will continue to be in developing and practicing process,while performing.

Carrying the same concept to its predecessor, AKB48, this girlband will have to be close to their fans. Stay down to earth and can do a show every day.

When asked whether in other region of Indonesia a girlband like this will be formed state, Akimoto can not ensure that.

"This auditions is an initial step and then later may develop in accordance with the character of Indonesia but we have not decided that this concept would be established in other region of Indonesia," said Akimoto.

Akimoto also hoping JKT48 can cast a smile  from Japan, a country which is still mourning after the natural disasters that befell yesterday through the world of entertainment.

Omedetto, JKT48. Omedetto Akimoto-san.

Under the Japan section

Yasushi Akimoto is optimistic that JKT48 will be a success

Yasushi Akimoto, the founder of the Japanese girlband AKB48 has specially come to Jakarta to be the judge of Jakarta48 (JKT48) final auditions.

Indonesia is the first country to embrace a sister group AKB48 outside of Japanese territory. Akimoto has several reasons for this.

"I've known several countries and Indonesia are one of the countries which is willing to prepare early," he said at a press conference at Grand Hyatt, Jakarta.

He also expressed a surprise at the sight of the participants audition. According to him, JKT48 audition participants have a great talent and ability in both dancing and singing.

When Akimoto was acting as a judge for JKT48 audition, he got the same feeling like when he was being a judge for AKB48 for the first time. He felt JKT48 could gain the same success as its sister group.

"The ability of singing is very good and although they sing Indonesian songs and I do not understand the meaning, I can still feel the power of the song. They also could express what they want, "he added.

Akimoto also plans to bring AKB48 and JKT48 in the same stage. Looking forward to it!

JKT48 official website
tabloidbintang 1, 2

I wish them success. In hope, more Japanese act  will find a way to perform in Indonesia :)

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