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E-Girls to release their 1st single “Celebration”

E-Girls which consists of members from EXILE’s sister unit Dream, Happiness, and FLOWER has announced that they will be releasing their 1st single titled “Celebration” on December 28th.

This announcement was made at a special event held at Lazona Kawasaki on November 2nd, and the girls also performed the debut song at the event.  Aya (Dream) said, “Using the power of 21 girls in addition to utilizing the dance performance and vocal skill which are our strong points, we would like to send out out energy from many different places.

E-Girls’ 1st single “Celebration” is a song that expresses the feeling of a girl in love.  According to Aya, the highlight of the song is the dance performance of 21 girls during the interlude.  She also showed off their good relationship saying, “Some people might think we don’t get along well since there are many girls from different groups together, but E-Girls are close to each other. Happiness and FLOWER members frequently visit the home / dorm of Dream.  I think we will spend this upcoming Christmas together.”At the event, each group also showed their performances (Happiness performed “Kiss Me”, FLOWER performed “Still”, and Dream performed “Dreaming Girls”), and excited the audience.  Check out the photos from the event below!

Dream (Aya SO CUTE)



Adding this just because.

Dream "Dreaming Girls"
Happiness "Wish"
Flower "Still"
E-girls "Nagisa no Sindbad" 


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