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1:44 pm - 11/07/2011

AKB48 Member Promotes Metal Gear Solid HD

This is the surprise Kojima Productions was teasing last week at the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition official site:

The girl in the video is Haruna Kojima, a member of pop group AKB48. Kojima Productions has tapped her for the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition promotional campaign.

All the "Spring has come to Kojima Productions" nonsense from the teaser site was just a play on Haruna's name. "Haru" is Japanese for Spring.

View the official site here for pics and, eventually, additional videos.

eff yeah. kojima endorsing kojima productions, it came full-circle.

cr:, KONAMI573ch
kireny 7th-Nov-2011 10:53 pm (UTC)
"AKB to promote Metal gear solid... seriously? They don't even know what the game is about."

Does not come across as "The girls image doesn't fit the game, they should have picked someone else to promote it". Your second comment continued that line of thinking with "the girls not looking like gamers".

Guess what, you are free to say you are disappointed and I am free to point how condescending you are coming across when you only mention gamer looks. You cannot tell if someone likes a game based on their looks alone. Gamers like you are the reason there is a ton of sexism in the "gamer community". Thank you for that.

We'll have to agree to disagree because you are missing my point

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benihime99 7th-Nov-2011 10:59 pm (UTC)
That was my first reaction and I precised my opinion later on. But obvisouly you stuck on that on.
And guess what I'm a girl so don't give me the sexist speach.
I wasn't condescending to you nor was I passive-aggressive like you were, just because you felt that I attack your fav.
But see I'm not attacking them (or at least not anymore if you wish me to say so) but the guy who did the casting.
And unlike you I'm fine with people having their opinion even if I desagree with it you should try that.
kireny 7th-Nov-2011 11:53 pm (UTC)
seriously, you are going to go the "I'm a girl I can't be sexist"?

Not once in any of the responses back to me did you mention anything but looks/image/looks like a how am I suppose to figure out your revised opinion?

I'm sorry did you not see the "we'll have to agree to disagree". You can have your opinion, just like I can have the opinion that your 'doesn't look like a gamer' statement was ridiculous and hurtful to a lot of people. I hear that crap all the time from other gamers (male and female).
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