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Jin enjoyed filming video + explains theme of MV

Not sure if this'll count as news... but here you go (just for you Jin lovers :P :P :P):

The wait is over. We reported earlier that Jin Akanishi will be making his U.S. debut this November, the time has come and Warner Bros. Records have sent us exclusive press releases for Jin Akanishi's music video for his U.S. debut single “Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo.”

Accompanying the powerful single will be a provocative and innovative music video directed by Frank Borin who stated, “The track has such a big and catchy sound, I wanted to make a cinematic video that is just as epic.”

The music video was filmed in Los Angeles and takes place in an underground world that is inspired by the glamorous life of auto thieves where mystery and sexiness is combined with adrenaline. It has a very high cinematic vibe to its progression and style. The idea of “Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo” is used literally and metaphorically as Jin flirts his way through his crew of beautiful and seductive female thieves. Akanishi said, “I had a great time filming the music video, it definitely fits the cool vibe of the single.”

Srrrrrry forgot source... >.<
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