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Toyota's U.S. Hatsune Miku Ads Wins Award

Toyota's ad campaign featuring Hatsune Miku won a Multicultural Excellence Award at the Association of National Advertisers' annual Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference on Monday. The campaign won the award in the digital media category.

The "Dream Harmonic" video (which can be viewed above) that was posted on Toyota's website, Facebook, and YouTube channel had more than one million views in less than three weeks. Hector Vallejo, a judge at the event, said the video was "very relevant, very hip, and very targeted and culturally relevant to young Asian Americans."

Virtual idol singer Hatsune Miku promoted the Toyota Corolla in the series of ads. The car was billed as "the official car of Hatsune Miku." Since early May Toyota has streamed multiple ads for the campaign. Toyota helped sponsor Hatsune Miku's U.S. concert debut at Anime Expo in July.

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Tags: international media, super kawaii, vocaloid

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