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Next episode of MUSIC JAPAN to feature KinKi Kids

Popular music program, MUSIC JAPAN, has revealed that their November 13th broadcast will feature a KinKi Kids special!
This special episode will mark the first time for KinKi Kids to appear on the show.
During the talk segment, KinKi Kids will reflect upon their history with a video clip and will share unknown episodes from the creation of their new album. The 30-minute program will also present the viewers’ questions and messages to the members.

Check out the set list below:
  • Glass no Shounen
  • Family ~Hitotsu no Naru Koto~
  • Negau Ijou no Koto Inoru Ijou no Koto
  • Himalaya Blue
Source: Tokyohive

**Aww,It will be their first time to come to the show,and it's kinda unusual to see them promoting beside MS,So really can't wait to see this,Yay! More promotion please~ ^^
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