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Joji Takahashi, Mika Mifune chosen as 'Partners of the Year'

Singer Joji Takahashi, 53, and his wife Mika Mifune, 29, have been named as “Partners of the Year,” an award given to ideal married couples. The award is given by online dating service O-Net on Nov 12, which is “Good Couple Day” (1 can be read in Japanese as “i” and 2 can be read as “fu”—meaning “ii fufu”).

Takahashi and Mifune have been married for 14 years. They first met when Mifune was 13 years old and got married on her 16th birthday. Takahashi said the bond between them was stronger than ever.

The couple joked that if they are reborn, they would like to meet and get married again in the next life.

Tags: actor/actress, awards, marriage, music/musician

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