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Tamaru Maki receives ‘Eyelashes Beauty Award’

On November 10th, actress Tamaru Maki attended an awards ceremony for “The First Eyelashes Beauty Award 2011“.

Thrilled by the honor, Tamaru expressed, “As a woman, I am happy to be told that I have beautiful eyelashes and receive an award for it. I was overjoyed. I want to take care of them daily so that I will have beautiful eyelashes when I’m a grandma.

Cosmetics brand Almado established November 11th of this year as ‘Beautiful Eyelashes Day’ because the number ‘1′ resembles eyelashes. Tamaru was chosen for this award because she keeps her eyelashes healthy and beautiful by taking care of them daily.

Tamaru, who was asked about marriage, stated, “My friends are steadily getting married and pregnant; I’m in wonder everyday. These past few months, almost every phone call consists of ‘Congratulations’… If it’s fate, then I would want to get married.

While describing her ideal partner, Tamuro revealed, “A person with a stable mind. I want someone who’s calm.” She continued, “When I was in my 20’s, I thought I would already be married by my 30’s. But I’m already 33. I would like a fateful encounter by 38. I’m looking at the long term.

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