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Triendl Reina attends Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Sunshine City

On November 10th, talento Triendl Reina attended a lighting ceremony for Ikebukuro Sunshine City’s Christmas tree, “SunshineCity×KONICA MINOLTA AQUA STAR TREE“.

Triendl was asked what kind of Christmas present she would want to receive from a man. She answered, “I want to receive a ring, and be proposed to. From someone who is influential.” When asked, “Around when?“, Triendl responded with a smile, saying, “If possible, in 2012.

The Christmas tree stands in the middle of a fountain square and measures at 12 meters high. It was designed with the themes of ‘ocean’ and ’stars’ in mind, and offers a variety of illumination patterns.

As the water and light created a heart symbol, Triendl excitedly commented, “It’s amazing. It’s my first time seeing a tree like this. I want everyone to see it.

The Christmas tree will be lit until December 25th.

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