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Dragon Ball and One Piece Dominating for Toei Animation

Dragon Ball and One Piece are doing some major damage (in a good way) for Toei Animation. Just this week the giant Japanese animation house released it’s earning for the first half of their 2011 fiscal year.

From April 2011 to September 2011, 6 months, Toei made $46.74 million United States Dollars (USD) from just One Piece and Dragon Ball Z licensing and video releases! In all of 2010 they made $81.57 million USD from those two franchises in licensing and video releases. At the rate they are currently going, Toei is on pace to make almost $94 million from just two franchises!

If the numbers are correct, from all of their franchises and endevours combined in 2010, Toei Animation made a total of $342 million USD (26 billion yen). They project to make $381 million USD (29 billion yen) this year when it’s all said and done! Congrats Toei, keep up the awesome work!


Dragon Ball doing the damn thang since 1986 , I love how these two titles are snatching wigs.
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