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“Ikemen Desu Ne” to be broadcasted in the Philippines? + "We Never Give Up!" poster

Fans gone crazy after GMA Asianovelas: The Heart of Asia‘s Official Facebook page posted something about A.N.JELL.

On their Facebook page, they posted:

[Rumors] A.N.JELL on GMA?

Excited fans who have read the post commented, ” Ikemen Desu Ne? OH MY GODDDDDDDDD :”"”"”"”">”, 
‎”GMA Asianovelas: The Heart of Asia please air IKEMEN DESU NE!!! all
the characters are well-loved and i like it better than the korean
, “Ikemen desu ne ♥ Ren ♥ Shu♥”, etc.It is more likely to be the Japanese version of the hit Korean drama, “You’re Beautiful” since You’re Beautiful was already aired on ABS-CBN, one of Philippines’ TV station.

Though it is not yet confirmed, fans are expecting it to be aired on GMA 7 who is known for bringing Japanese dramas in the country. Some of which they aired were “Hana Yori Dango” starring Mao Inoue and Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto and Gokusen’s seasons 1, 2 and 3.


Official poster of Kis-My-Ft2′s 2nd single “We Never Give Up!” was already posted on HVM’s store in Japan!

Source: Kisumaination.com, Pics

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