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Oricon reveals their ranking of “ideal face chosen by men”

Just a few days ago, Oricon released their 5th “Ideal Face Chosen by Women Ranking“, and now, the 3rd “Ideal Face Chosen by Men Ranking” has been revealed!
Oricon asked 500 men from their teens to their 40’s, “Which male celebrity possesses the ideal face?” As a result, singer/actor Fukuyama Masaharu received the most votes, and ranked first for the third year in a row!
Fukuyama expressed, “I’m honored! It’s obvious that I’m not getting any younger. Although I’m aging, I want to continue work by turning those ‘wrinkles’ into ‘charm’. I will do my best!”
02. Mukai Osamu

03. Kimura Takuya

04. Okada Junichi(and yes. I deliberately chose scan with the 'SEXY' caption. XD)

05. Tsumabuki Satoshi

06. Sato Takeru

07. Mizushima Hiro

08. Oguri Shun

09. Inaba Koshi

10. Abe Hiroshi (look at him when he was younger~ :D)

source: 1 & 2
As expected of Masha. :D
Tags: actor/actress, fukuyama masaharu, hiro mizushima, kimura takuya, mukai osamu, oguri shun, okada junichi, polls/ranking, sato takeru, tsumabuki satoshi

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