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“Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu” manga gets live-action movie

Minami Kanan’s popular shoujo manga series “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu” will be turned into a live-action movie. The news was announced on Saturday in this year’s 24th issue of Sho-Comi (Shogakukan), which also contained the manga’s final chapter.
The manga follows the romance between a serious female student named Tsubaki and her playboy classmate named Kyota. Tsubaki is only focused on her studies and is weak at romance and being fashionable, but she enjoys styling people’s hair. Upon entering high school, she gets teased by Kyota, and she cuts off his long hair in retaliation. This causes Kyota to target her, but their antagonistic relationship eventually leads to romance.
No other details about the movie adaptation have been revealed, such as the release date, director, or cast members.

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Is the world ending already?! XD Too many shoujo mangas getting live-action left and right~ 
but I can't wait to read further details on this one~♥
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