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RIAJ Digital Certification for October 2011

Note: Date in bracket indicates the date the track is released digitally.
Chaku-Uta (mobile ringtones)

Triple Platinum (>=750k):
AKB48 – Heavy Rotation (2010/07/28)
Chaku-Uta Full (full track download for mobile phones)

Triple Platinum (>=750k):
Uemura Kana – Toilet no Kamisama (2010/07/14)
Double Platinum (>=500k):

AKB48 – Everyday, Kachuusha (2011/05/18)
Sonar Pocket - Suki dayo. ~100 Kai no Koukai~ (2010/12/15)
Gold (>=100k):

Ikimonogakari – Warattetainda (2011/07/20)
Ishikawa Chiaki – Uninstall (2007/06/13)
EXILE – Rising Sun (2011/09/14)
Ozaki Yutaka – 15 no Yoru (2009/05/01)
Kylee – CRAZY FOR YOU (2011/09/21)
KG – Kimi Janakya duet with Yasuda Nao (2011/08/31)
KG – Kimi ni Ienakatta Omoi duet with May J. (2009/11/25)
Sonar Pocket – 365 Nichi no Love Story. (2011/10/05)
Dohzi-T – Omoi feat. YU-A (2009/12/09)
L’Arc~en~Ciel – Hurry Xmas (2007/11/14)
redballoon – Yuki no Tsubasa (2006/11/15)
Foreign Artist

Platinum (>=250k):
Wham! – Last Christmas (Single Version) (2004/11/04)
Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (2009/06/03)
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