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AKB48′s Akimoto, Miyazawa lead Team U in “Ultraman Saga” movie

Seven members of the idol group AKB48 will make an appearance in the upcoming “Ultraman Saga” movie. They will play a special Earth Defense Force known as “Team U,” consisting of Akimoto Sayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Shimada Haruka, Masuda Yuka, Umeda Ayaka, Kobayashi Kana, and Sato Sumire.

It was announced about two weeks ago that DAIGO is playing the main character Ultraman Zero, who is trying to save Earth from a mysterious alien invader. Along with Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Cosmos, he joins forces with Earth’s Team U to fight against the invader.

This is the first time in the series that there has been an all-female Earth Defense Force. Akimoto will play the leader Anna, while Miyazawa will play the special attack unit captain Sawa. The other characters are vice-leader Misato (Umeda), maintenance team members Nonko (Masuda) and Maomi (Kobayashi), medical chief Riisa (Sato), and communication chief Hina (Shimada).

“Ultraman Saga” opens in theaters on March 24, 2012.

Source, via Tokyograph
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