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Jumping from horses to snowboards, GACKT reveals new Collaboration

It's not enough to make epic Call of Duty entrances or to ride off into the Shibuya dawn on a horse, so GACKT has just revealed another collaboration.

At a recent press conference by KISSMARK, the snowboarding company revealed snowboard equipment custom-designed by the singer, along with a CM, Making Of and the obligatory interview.

In addition, the song is the background is YOU ARE THE REASON, the B-side to the ALL MY LOVE single being released 12/28 by GACKT's band, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz.

The website states that the equipment is
"designed with motifs of vivid red and black roses, producing a tight silhouette with a stoic and exquisitely stylish style."
Because who else can be so stylishly stylish?


Press Conference:

Let's get him on the Olympic team for 2012, shall we?
Or at least to design the uniforms? Unffffff~♥

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