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Koda Kumi live from Best Hits Music Festival 2011 + preview of LMB b-sides

  Poppin Love Cocktail

the b-side to Koda Kumi's LMB is called Say Her Name and a remix, listen to the preview below (if the sound cloud clips don't work than go to her official site)

Koda Kumi - Say Her Name (Preview) by KaledKalil

Koda Kumi - Love Me Back (Andy Price Remix) (Preview) by KaledKalil

source source source

was gonna post others Best Hit lives I found but by the time I added the source they were taken down or muted so LMAO...why bother since Japanese companies are hell bent on making Jpop irrelevant, so only posted Kuu maybe there will be a mega post later when our favorite Chinese up-loaders post it on youku and tudou

and can Kuu plz stop singing this song,praying it ain't at the MAMA
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