Rord of the M.B.K.T (hina) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Rord of the M.B.K.T

GACKT hospitalised

GACKT wrote the following in his blog:

Hi, this is Juku Student Captain GACKT, motherf***ers~~~!!!! Oh, and by the way, the "motherf***er" I'm yelling at today is myself. Since early yesterday morning, I got a sudden fever and couldn't even walk but I couldn't skip the live radio show, so the staff carried me in and I somehow got through it but I passed out after I got to the hospital. Ahahahahaha.

I only remember bits and pieces, but i lost consciousness after my fever exceeded 40 degrees. Although I remember most of what happened up to 39.7 degrees. Well, since my normal temperature is 35 degrees, for it to go over 40 is of course ridiculous. This time i mostly got through it since it's a once a year traditional occurrence, collapsing like this but still, yesterday I was wondering if I was going to die. I've come back alive!

I took a shot to commemorate surviving. My hair is all messed up, but I'm feeling optimistic.

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Source: YFC's blog
Translation by amaia here
Tags: gackt

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