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Sata Andagi to continue without Shinsuke [+ Matsuoka in a PV]

Sata Andagi, the 3 person unit that was born from Fuji TV's variety show Quiz! Hexagon II, which ended last september, will continue their activities, as reported on the 21st. The show was cancelled after their producer, former talent Shimada Shinsuke, retired from the entertainment industry. Members Yamada Shintarou (25) (a.k.a Yamada Yu's little brother), Mori Kouhei (23) and Matsuoka Takuya (22) announced to Sankei Sports that their activities will continue.

The last music release of the show is the WE LOVE HEXAGON 2011 compilation album that was released on the 23rd. Sata Andagi released two new songs on this album, one including Mori's group Shinsengumi Lien, another group produced by Shimada Shinsuke, in a song called "Boku wa Matteiru Kara".

Sata Andagi debuted in february last year with their debut song 'Yanbarukuina ga Tonda'. They started without having experience in singing and dancing, but their 5 singles were popular and all of them managed to get into the Oricon top 10. Mori and Matsuoka who had a lot of things they were inexperienced at at the time said that they felt confused in the beginning but they managed to meet a lot of new friends and are thankful for that.

About the future without promotion from the show Yamada said: "I want to keep on improving. With everyone's motivation I 'd like to be a group that will be said "You became better" every time" and promised further growth.

Sata Andagi's X'MAS live that will be held on december 20 at SHIBUYA BOXX has already been sold out and they will hold their 〜不撓不屈‐FUTOH・FUKUTSU‐〜 live at Shibuya AX on february 18.

Sata Andagi member Matsuoka Takuya is also featured in the PV for Dear's third single "Shiawase ni Naritai. feat. CLIFF EDGE" together with fashion model Yasui Rei, that will be released on december 7 as Chaku-Uta and december 14 as Chaku-Uta full.

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I wish Fuji would've just continued the show. And btw, Nokubo Naoki participated in the Shuuchishin performance during the Hexagon Family Concert last weekend! I'd love to see that. Can't wait for the DVD!
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