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Oricon Poll: Actors for Hypothetical Live-Action Slam Dunk

The marketing research firm Oricon posted the results of its survey on which actors that people thought should star in a hypothetical live-action adaptation of Takehiko Inoue's basketball manga Slam Dunk.

1 Hayato Ichihara

2 Tomoya Nagase

3 Kenta Kiritani

4 Shun Oguri

5 Mokomichi Hayami

6 Shingo Katori

7 Ryuta Sato

8 Yuu Shirota

9 Hiroki Narimiya

10 Yusuke Yamamoto

A live-action Slam Dunk project has not been announced, but the title topped Oricon's 2009 survey of manga that people wanted to be adapted into live-action.
For this latest survey, Oricon selected 1,000 panelists, divided by gender and four age groups: teenagers, people in their 20s, people in their 30s, and people in their 40s. Oricon then polled this nationwide sample between October 25 and October 28 online.

Source: 1 & 2
tbh, I'm not sure if I want a live action of Slam Dunk.
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