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5:06 pm - 11/30/2011

Weekly Oricon Chart: Music-DVDs

Popular band, Mr.Children achieved a simultaneous overall ranking in both DVD and Blu-Ray Disc format with the release of "Mr.Children Tour 2011 "SENSE"". They have now become the first male artist to do so in both overall rankings since the BD ranking was introduced by Oricon in July 2008. Mr.Children sold 43k of the SENSE Tour BD (43,470 copies to be exact), making a total sales 105,945 copies of DVD+BD.

Mr.Children have also exceeded the record made by popular Johnnys talent, Takizawa Hideaki who previously had 8 consecutive no.1 music-DVDs. Mr.Children now had 9 since "wonderful world on DEC 21" (released in March 2003), tied with Arashi at number one.

Posting the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2011. New release in bold.

Oricon Weekly - Music-DVDs (22/11~28/11/2011)

*1 *62,475 *62,475 Mr.Children – Mr.Children Tour 2011 “SENSE”
*2 *48,906 *48,906 COMPLEX – COMPLEX 20110730 Nippon Isshin
*3 *16,401 *16,401 Lady Gaga – The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden
*4 *16,311 *16,311 Kuraki Mai – Strong Heart~from Mai Kuraki Premium Live One for all, All for one~

*5 **6,235 *44,402 Kuwata Keisuke – Miyagi Live ~Asu e no March!!~
*6 **5,878 **5,878 Hata Motohiro – BEST MUSIC CLIPS 2006-2011
*7 **5,306 **5,306 Matsuda Seiko – Seiko Matsuda Concert Tour 2011 Cherish

*8 **4,024 *51,700 Ketsumeishi – Ketsu no Ana ~Ouyou Hen~
*9 **3,589 **3,589 Various Artists – Macross F Chou Jikuu Super Live cosmic nyaan
10 **2,667 **2,667 MUCC – Chemical Parade

Misuchiru, still kicking butt even after 20 years! XD

And congrats to COMPLEX and Mai K too! :)

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echowillow 30th-Nov-2011 11:22 am (UTC)
I watched some of the Mr Children's performances from SENSE posted on TOYSFACTORY's youtube site a couple of days ago and they were amazing. I love watching their lives, top notch stuff.
whited_79 30th-Nov-2011 04:15 pm (UTC)
still waiting for my copy, can't wait to watch! XD
nakahara02 30th-Nov-2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
yay to misuchiru~~~ :D
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