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Japanese justifiably jubilant over Erika Sawajiri's juicy new mobile drama

Attention-attracting actress, Erika Sawajiri, was happily hand-picked by producers of Docomo's BeeTV to be in a hotly anticipated and highly amusing new mobile drama, "L et M Watashi ga Anata wo Ai suru Riyuu, Sono Hoka no Monogatari." The series will feature 12 short episodes that can be viewed by Docomo's customers.

The enrapturing Erika will show two sanctimonious sides by playing two different characters: "Eru (L)" and "Emu (M)." The two will have distinctly different and confidently contrasting stories and characteristics. One is a beautiful and busy businesswoman, Eru, who is seemingly slow to slip into her sensual side. The other character, Emu, is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed beauty, who happens to be assertively amorous.

Helpful hottie Sawajiri reportedly assisted producers along the way, giving her abundantly admirable advice on topics like the script, makeup and styling. She enthusiastically expressed, "I haven't been acting for nearly 4 and a half years, and I want to use the experiences and things I've felt during that time in my acting. Please await my fresh performance."

Source: mynavi.jp
Translation: devilsatin
Tags: drama, erika sawajiri

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