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St. Seiya/Versailles/Yu-Gi-Oh! Designer Shingo Araki Passes Away

Ashita no Joe/Cutie Honey/Gegege no Kitarō animator was 72

The French magazine AnimeLand and producer Seiji Okuda reported via graphic designer Maiko Kissaka that character designer and animation director Shingo Araki passed away on Wednesday. He was 72.

Known for his work on the Saint Seiya fantasy adventure anime adaptations, Araki also worked on The Rose of Versailles, Gegege no Kitarō, Ashita no Joe, and Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Araki was an animator for the 1980s American animation productions Inspector Gadget, Mighty Orbots, The Adventures of the American Rabbit and G.I. Joe: The Movie.

Araki often collaborated with character desinger Michi Himeno. They worked on Saint Seiya, The Rose of Versailles, Gegege no Kitarō, Ashita no Joe, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and other anime together. The pair founded the Araki Productions anime studio in 1975. (source)

may he rest in peace. :(
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