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6:47 am - 12/05/2011

Sakuma Kaho to graduate from PASSPO☆

(Kaho is on the far right in the middle row.)

Sakuma Kaho (19), a member of the idol group PASSPO☆, will soon graduate from the group, it has been announced. She will officially leave after PASSPO☆’s concert at Zepp Tokyo on December 30th.

Since this summer, Sakuma has been experiencing pain in her waist, making it difficult for her to continue performing the group’s dances. The pain has also become a problem even during her lessons. As a result, she has decided to try pursuing a different path, though no details about her future plans have been revealed.

On her blog, she commented, “I finally found a place where I can say I belong, so I’m truly sad that things have turned out like this. But I hope to work hard to use this graduation as a fresh start for a new ‘Sakuma Kaho’ in the future!”

Kaho's blog entry about her graduation announcement:

To everyone

It’s sudden, but

I, Sakuma Kaho, will graduate from Passpo, with my last flight on 12/30 at Zepp Tokyo.

I’m really sorry for surprising you with such a sudden announcement.

As to why I arrived at the decision to graduate

This summer I injured my back and continued to have days where I couldn’t participate in flights. I’m really sorry for making everyone worry so much during that time.

Since around that time, because of my condition, it would sometimes become a problem during flights and lessons. Since then, I really worried everyday, thinking “Is it really okay for me to be in Passpo at this half-assed rate?”, but

Thinking about how difficult it would be to continue with such intense dances like now, I decided to graduate from Passpo and do my best following another path.

I can’t help but be grateful to all the passengers who have always supported me, and I’m truly glad I was able to meet everyone.

And I’m truly glad that I was able to meet the most amazing 9 comrades who worked hard with me almost everyday through these 2 years during both the most painful and the happiest times.

I love everyone!!!!!

I’m truly sad that even though I finally found somewhere I belonged, it’s turned out this way. (;_;)

From now on, with this graduation as a new start

I want to do my best as a new “Sakuma Kaho” to do whatever I can!!!!!

There’s only about 1 month until the Zepp Tokyo live, but
I’ll fly at full power until the end, so please support me until the end somehow!

And of course, please keep supporting Passpo.


Sakuma Kaho

Translated by @peachgirldb via the PASSPO☆ Fansite


This was so sudden. It was announced 3 days before PASSPO's 1st major album and DVD single. :'( This is Kaho.
ethereal_limbo 4th-Dec-2011 08:09 pm (UTC)
graduations are always sad.
itskimbitches 4th-Dec-2011 09:42 pm (UTC)
hmmm...i never really...hope there's no replacement!
bonbon_berry 4th-Dec-2011 10:22 pm (UTC)
It's sad she is graduating but '...intense dances...' since when did PASSPO have those? XD
peachpastiche 4th-Dec-2011 11:34 pm (UTC)
Their choreography isn't that complex or anything, but they put in a more intense degree of energy than most groups when they're onstage.
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