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Singh is the music king in Japan

Sarabjit Singh Chadha, the first non-Japanese Enka singer, performed in India for the first time

Political diplomacy is not the only way of bringing two countries closer, or so feels Sarabjit Singh Chadha, a Delhi-based businessman. Chadha's a celebrity in Japan, and feels that he can use his voice to that effect. While Chadha (59), is a businessman in Delhi, in Japan, he is a popular Enka (Japanese music genre) singer. He first began singing Enka in the 1970s as a student in Japan, but quit because of visa issues and for 30 years, he didn't sing at all. But his comeback in 2008 received an overwhelming response in Japan, and recently, Chadha showcased his talent in India. From November 26-29, he performed in Delhi, Gurgaon and Chennai, along with a Japanese band.

Speaking to DT, Chadha said, "I'm settled in Delhi and travel to Japan for my performances. In the 1970s, when I started singing Enka, it was probably not that sensational and there were many issues. Also, people in Japan don't like those who do too many things at the same time., so I decided to quit music and became a businessman in Delhi. Then, I started receiving calls from Japan for performances because there wasn't any foreign Enka singer in Japan, and I agreed. And after that second chance, there's been no looking back."

With these performances in India, Chadha is trying not only to introduce Enka to Indians, but also to raise funds for the Fukushima tragedy. He says, "I want to bring Japan closer to India, and I feel these songs can do it. I bring the two cultures together through my music. I'm singing Enka in Hindi also."
Chadha also hopes to be able to sing for Bollywood some day. He says, "I'd love to sing for Bollywood. A lot of movies here use Japanese songs."


This guy seems really cool! I looked up video of him singing at the Namaste Tokyo festival the last few years...

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