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Nagasawa Masami to play double role in “Bunshin” drama series

The cast of the WOWOW mini-series “Bunshin” has finally been revealed. Actress Nagasawa Masami (24) will star, playing two very different characters.

“Bunshin” was originally a suspense novel by bestselling author Higashino Keigo. The drama, which was first announced last month, tells the story of two identical-looking women who seek to uncover their mysterious past. Nagasawa will play both characters. One is a young woman from Hokkaido studying child welfare, while the other is a college student in Tokyo who is part of a band.

Katsuji Ryo, Usuda Asami, Suzuki Sawa, Tezuka Satomi, Ibu Masato, and Sano Shiro have also been cast. Nagata Koto (“Little DJ: Chiisana Koi no Monogatari”) is directing.

The series will run for 5 episodes in a Sunday 10:00pm time slot on WOWOW, starting on February 12.

source: 1 & 2
I'm looking forward to Shokuzai and this so much.
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