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Mr. Children to sing for upcoming movie “Bokura ga Ita”

It’s been revealed that Mr. Children will be providing the theme songs for upcoming movie ‘Bokura ga Ita‘, which will be released in next spring.

As reported previously, ‘Bokura ga Ita’ is a live-action adaptation of Obata Yuki’s popular manga. Ikuta Toma and Yoshitaka Yuriko will play the protagonists under the direction of Miki Takahiro, whose previous works included ‘Soranin‘.

The movie will be released in two parts for the spring; the first part will hit theaters on March 17th, and the latter half will be released on April 21st. Mr. Children will sing for both films, and “Inori~ Namida no Kidou” has been chosen to be the theme song for part 1.

Source: Tokyohive & natalie

Now super excited about the movie since Mr.Children will also be providing the theme songs! Which means, new Misuchiru music YAY! XD
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