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shinsengumi lien wish you a merry christmas

Yoshimoto R&C uploaded the short version of Shinsengumi Lien's christmas song 'Merry X'mas to U' (14/12 release) on their YouTube channel. They also uploaded a video comment from members Sakakibara Tetsuji and Yamaguchi Jun where they promote their song in English!

The five-member group Shinsengumi Lien was formed in 2009 through NTV's variety show 'Jinsei ga Kawaru 1pun kan no Fukaii Hanashi' and consists of members Mori Kouhei (23), Kunisada Hiroya (23), Seki Yoshiya (22), Sakakibara Tetsuji (22) and Yamaguchi Jun (21). This is the first single since their producer Shimada Shinsuke retired from the entertainment industry.

But Mori, you should really get rid of the red hair.
Tags: music/musician, pv

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