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Kuu gives some lovely Christmas romance advice in KATY + scans

About L♡VE: Koda Kumi

I’m the type that stays assertive until I’ve made him fall for me

----Koda Kumi-san recently released her new single Love Me Back. Many people must have already heard the song considering it’s the opening song for the TV drama ‘Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de’. The song is about chasing the person you fancy. It’s a cool song for “assertive” women! Koda-san, are you also the “assertive” type when it comes to love?

“I’m the type that stays assertive until I’ve made him fall for me. I’ve been told “I lost to your boldness” many times (laughs). I believe that, when it comes to love, the ones with the courage to be assertive take home the gold. Especially in these times where men are becoming less assertive. Nothing will happen if you keep waiting. The season of love is next up. I want KATY readers to be assertive and start a beautiful romance!”

----Please give us your advice on “assertiveness” for spending a joyful Christmas.

“First, make sure you’ll actually be together that day (laughs). Call him, “I want you to spend December 24 together with me” and set the date. I think many girls hesitate to do so because “it’s scary to show my feelings”. Personally, I think it’s fine to show my feelings to the person I like. Men are simple; the moment they realize “she likes me”, there’s a big chance that you’ll start to be on his mind. That’s much better than being beaten to the punch by another girl while you’re hesitating (laughs). If you can’t invite him because you’re afraid you’ll be rejected, you can get your friends involved and hang out with a group. Anyhow, it’s hopeless if you can’t see him. KATY readers who are reading this and who haven’t set a date yet: go call him right now!”

----What do you wear on Christmas day?

“Wearing sexy lingerie is definitely a must (laughs). Wearing a cute airy dress but with sexy lingerie hidden underneath... I think that gap serves as a turn-on. Lingerie really showcases a woman’s “femininity”. In a way, lingerie is a woman’s “combat uniform”. I like to always have lingerie in my closet. I went to Vietnam for an event the other day and I went to buy underwear with the Koda Team (laughs). Buy bras that are 1 or 2 cup sizes too small. They’ll make your breasts look bigger.”

I’m really devoted when I’m dating someone

----Especially girls who are normally boyish try wearing sexy outfits for Christmas. That ‘carrot and stick’ variation helps liven up a romance. Koda-san, do you also pay attention to that kind of variation?

“Yes, I really do. For example, people often have the image that I’m also like “the sexy Koda Kumi” in my private life. But actually, I’m the “devoted” type when I’m dating someone (laughs). I cook and clean... I don’t wear clothes that he hates. I try to adapt to his tastes as much as possible, and I want to create a comfortable atmosphere for him. That’s because I wear sexy outfits, show skin and have photo-shoots with other men... I have to do a lot of things that he might get upset about for my work. Doing those things is my policy as Koda Kumi, of course. But as a result, I often end up hurting him. That’s why, in my private life, I try to do as many things as possible that show “I’m sorry” and “Thank you”.”

----Staying “on the attack” until he falls for you, but “protecting” him once you’ve won him over. That’s Koda-san’s stick and carrot strategy!

“I used to think, “I want to be protected by my man”. But lately I’ve started to feel that “I want to protect my man”. Men always stay partly a child, no matter their age. I feel that love works better if women feel: “I want to protect him”. Actually, being able to feel that way made things easier for me as well. I don’t get angry about little things as often and I can be more forgiving. In this era, the girls are working hard, but because of that we tend to forget that the boys are also working hard. That’s why, when we’re together alone, I like to tell him “it’s okay to depend on me”. Also, it also makes me happy to make him show faces to me that make me think “Have you ever shown such a face to anyone else!?” (laughs). It shows me that he feels at ease with me. And that makes me love him ever more ♥“

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