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Avengers in Sci-Fi and Sakanaction News Post

Avengers in sci-fi- “Sonic Fireworks” PV

Sakanaction has released a trailer of their upcoming music video collection, “SAKANARCHIVE 2007-2011~Sakanaction Music Video Collection~“. The collection will be released on December 14th at the official YouTube channel for Victor Music Channel.

The high-speed motion PV for the trailer was filmed by Mori Yoshihiro who made the for PV “Mikazuki Sunset”. This trailer highlighted the Sakanaction world by playing all 14 songs of the DVD at a very high speed.

Check out the trailer below and enjoy this part of their artwork!


Atomic Fireworks is featured in this ad with Ami Kusakari the bassist from Sakanaction on vocals!


Wow two of my favorite Japanese groups together! :D  I can't wait to get Sakanarchive, I'm always watching their videos on youtube wishing I could see them in better quality and now I'll finally be able to.
Tags: music/musician (j-rock & visual kei), pv, sakanaction

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