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Girls are all over Komori Jun’s new hairstyle!

Popular model Komori Jun has a new hairstyle that’s become a huge hit among young girls.

Last month, Komori cut off her long locks for a more adult-looking bob. Around a month later, Komori went to her salon and found out that more than 100 girls came in to get the ‘Junpo Bob’.

Komori blogged, “More than 100 people came to get the Junpo Bob ☆☆☆ AWESOME AWESOME (^_^) I’m glad O(≧∇≦)o

She continued, “Bobs are comfortable and straight hair is also nice; they’re stylish so I definitely recommend them ♪ Even the people sitting next to me had the Junpo Bob ♪

The model frequents the Shinjuku salon “UPSYDAISY”, a popular place also used by fellow model Masuwaka Tsubasa.

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