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No bun in this Pop Diva's oven

As reported earlier today, singer Koda Kumi announced that she will be getting married to KENJI03, the vocalist and guitarist of BACK-ON. A few more details have been revealed regarding the upcoming marriage.

According to a representative, Koda is not pregnant, and the couple is planning to register their marriage at the end of this month. Both Koda and KENJI03 belong to the same agency, and grew closer when Koda and BACK-ON collaborated in “Poppin’ love cocktail feat.TEEDA“. This track was composed by BACK-ON, included KENJI03’s vocals at the chorus, and was released as one of the tracks in Koda’s 50th single “4 TIMES” released back in August.

Koda’s handwritten message (above) included an excerpt on how Koda met KENJI03:

“It started when I was attracted to their [BACK-ON's] music, and I offered to make them a song … then, I fell in love with him. When I’m with him, I always smile, and I can stay as the way I am, and … I’ll stop right here since there are too many things to say. Anyway, he is a wonderful person who has accepted somebody like me.“

KENJI03 also wrote on BACK-ON’s official site,

“I’m sorry to surprise you with this sudden announcement. I, BACK-ON’s KENJI03, will be getting married to Koda Kumi-san who I’ve been dating, in the end of this month. Though it has not been that long since we met, we have decided to walk together as a partner for each other’s life. I want to aim to be the most punchy married couple in the universe. Please continue to watch over us


too cute

I hope she has a normal wedding with a dress,kimono and what not and pictures!!
I wanna see at least one Jpop Queen wedding  photos
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