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Akanishi Jin’s American debut album tops Oricon chart

Akanishi Jin
’s American debut mini album “TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO” has sold 109,000 copies, taking the number one spot on Oricon’s 12/19 Weekly Album Ranking.

This album is Akanishi’s second work in a row to top the Oricon chart, following by his solo debut single “Eternal”. The last Japanese artist to place number one on Oricon with their foreign debut was Utada Hikaru’s “EXODUS” which was released in September 2004. It has been seven years and three months since someone has achieved this feat.The US version of “TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO” was released last month under “JIN AKANISHI” in the United States and placed number one on the USA iTunes dance chart and was in the TOP 10 for all singles.

On December 28th Akanishi will be releasing his second Japanese solo single “Seasons” under “Akanishi Jin”.

Source: Tokyohive
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