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Movie shows wartime Admiral Yamamoto in new light


“Isoroku,” a Japanese film about the life of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who orchestrated the Pearl Harbor attack and was commander-in-chief in the early years of what many Japanese call the Pacific War, will start showing in Japan on Dec 23.

The movie, subtitled “The truth about the Pacific War on the 70th anniversary” and starring Koji Yakusho in the title role, claims Yamamoto was opposed to war with the U.S. and attacked Pearl Harbor to end the Pacific War as quickly as possible.

The film, made on a budget of 1 billion yen, follows the life of Yamamoto, from his early days at Harvard University to his growth into a leader, and to his death in the Solomon Islands in 1943.

A spokesman for production company Toei said the film portrays Yamamoto as a man torn between war and Japan’s future. The spokesman said the film shows Yamamoto as an individual who had a global perspective, looked forward decisively and displayed real leadership.

Source: japantoday
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