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Koda Kumi’s friend claims that the singer is pregnant

Recently, singer Koda Kumi surprised everyone with the sudden announcement that she’s getting married to KENJI03, the vocalist and guitarist of BACK-ON. However, according to tabloid ‘Josei Seven‘, that might not be the only surprising announcement.

The tabloid was able to talk with a friend of the singer who claims to know the whole truth about the marriage announcement. That person stated, “To tell you the truth, Koda is having a baby inside her stomach. She’s still in a very early stage, but he’s already all worried about Koda’s health and doesn’t want to stay away from her for even a second.

It’s said that both of their families were just as surprised as Koda’s fans, when they heard the news just before the public announcement. The fact that it’s indeed a shotgun wedding has yet to be officially confirmed, but according to Koda’s friend, she has already began preparing herself for becoming a mother, like visiting her dentist in the evening of December 10th.

Her friend explained, “When she found out about her pregnancy, she was recommended to get her teeth examined as soon as possible. After the birth she will be busy caring for her child, therefore she wouldn’t find the time to see a dentist in case of dental caries and so on. There have been women whose teeth suffered some series damage due to this reason.

‘Josei Seven’ also spotted the singer and her fiancé a few days prior to the announcement. Upon hearing the scoop from Koda’s friend, they looked at the pictures again and noticed that she was wearing flat shoes instead of her usual high heels. Moreover she was wearing several layers of outer garments in order to protect her stomach from the cold. She also was wearing big sunglasses at that time, but all that didn’t hide her radiant smile. Proof of her complete happiness?

This rumor quickly spread to several major news agencies in Japan, who immediately tried to get a statement from Koda’s agency, Avex Entertainment. However, they denied the rumor and replied, “We haven’t heard anything about this.

Sources: Post Seven, Yomiuri & tokyohive

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