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Maeda Atsuko to play the heroine in upcoming movie, “Kuyaku Ressha

It’s been announced that AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko will appear in the upcoming movie, ‘Kuyaku Ressha‘, alongside actor  Moriyama Mirai. ‘Kuyaku Ressha’ was adapted from Nishimura Kenta’s novel, which received the 144th Akutagawa Prize, a prestigious literary award.

The story is set in 1987 and revolves around ‘Kitamachi Kanta’ (played by Moriyama), a 19-year-old day laborer who’s infatuated with alcohol and brothels. He has no friends, no girlfriend, and has self-esteem issues because his father was an outrageous sex offender. However, he reaches a big turning point in his life after a special encounter.

Maeda will play as the heroine, ‘Sakurai Yasuko’, a secondhand bookseller who’s also the love interest of the protagonist.

Maeda, who stated that she’s a big fan of the movie’s director Yamashita Nobuhiro, commented, “I thought I wouldn’t be getting any more acting-related offers since I’ve participated in a lot of works this year. I can’t believe I received something I really would love to do at the end of the year….  I accepted it right away, saying, ‘I’d love to do it.’  It is really a happy offer!”

Director Yamashita stated, “I believe that co-staring with Moriyama-kun and other cast members will be an exciting challenge for Maeda Atsuko as an actress.”

Aside from Moriyama, Maeda will be acting alongside Kora Kengo. “Kuyaku Ressha” is scheduled to be released in 2012.

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