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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu designs shampoo for Reveur

On December 15th, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu appeared at a sales event for her collaboration with shampoo brand, ‘Reveur’. This new shampoo is called ‘Reveur x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Limited Collaboration’ and will cost 1,890 yen (~24 USD).

Kyary prepared two different designs, the ‘Baby Scent’ and ‘Cotton Candy Scent’. She confessed, “To be honest, I tend to find things troublesome, even taking a bath. But I thought I could enjoy bath time with my favorite ‘Baby Scent’, which has the mixed smell of mother and milk, and the ‘Cotton Candy Scent’ which has a sweet smell.

Kyary spoke a little about Christmas as well. “I thought I would be doing something this Christmas, so I made the day free, but it seems like nothing will happen. I think I may be lying around at home,” she said. Kyary made everyone laugh when she complained about how she caught a cold because of the recent cold weather. “If I could have a present from Santa? I would want the power of immunity…

Kyary’s collaboration shampoo will be available in 600 AEON shops nationwide starting on the 17th.

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