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KARA’s wishes are granted with their first invitation to Kouhaku Uta Gassen

The girls of KARA participated in an interview after “FNS Kayousai” to talk about their feelings on being invited to Japan’s prestigious New Year’s Eve program “Kouhaku Uta Gassen”.

KARA’s leader, Gyuri, showed her respect, “I heard that it’s Japan’s greatest music program. I’m really happy, because we’ve had our eyes on it ever since we debuted in Japan.

Hara added, “I’ve wanted to participate in it ever since we debuted in Japan. I want to have fun on stage together with everyone.

The youngest member, Jiyoung, commented, “We’ll do our best so that more people in Japan know who we are. (Kouhaku) has been a goal of ours ever since we had our Japanese debut. People close to us are also really looking forward to it.

Seungyeon was all smiles, “I hear that (Kouhaku) is Japan’s greatest music program, so it makes me nervous. But, I want to show everyone a flawless performance.” She even commented about another Korean singer who made her way onto Kouhaku, “I saw BoA-senpai’s performance as well.

We are representing Korea, so we’ll work hard with all of our might,” Nicole vowed, “I saw Kouhaku last year! I’ve always wanted to perform on it, so I’m really looking forward to this.

Last August KARA debuted in Japan with their hit song “Mister” and the ever popular ‘Butt Dance’. They have overcome their ‘break-up crisis’ and returned this past April with their single “Jet Coaster Love”. The track was a hit and was the first time a foreign female group has topped the charts at number one.

Seungyeon said, “When I look back at this year it feels like I was half in Japan and half in Korea. But, I am really happy to be able to get the chance to appear so much in both countries like this.

So, what do the girls  look forward to when coming to Japan? Nicole didn’t hesitate to answer, “I look for new things to eat.” Jiyoung begged, “I want to eat hayashi rice (hashed meat with rice)!” The girls also take a Korean traditional ‘wonder drug’ to help them get through their hard schedules.

Seungyeon explained, “We all take herbal medicine and exercise. Among Korean Ginseng there is Red Ginseng and it’s called ‘hong-sam’. I drink hong-sam juice.” Hara did some PR for the drink, “Hong-sam is great for your body.

With their hard word, KARA has reached the achievement of performing on Kouhaku. But, they’re not satisfied with just that. Gyuri explained, “For our final goal, we have one big dream, and that is to have a concert at the Tokyo Dome.

The girls sent a final message, “We will work even harder in 2012”, and with that the “KARA Whirlwind” will cross borders and is expected to get even bigger.

Source: Sanspo & tokyohive

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