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Idol group 9nine to star in sitcom “Konna no Idol Janain”

The members of idol group 9nine have been given their first regular TV show on one of the major networks. Starting next month, they will be the stars of a new NTV sitcom titled “Konna no Idol Janain!?

The show takes place at an exclusive all-girls junior high and high school. After an upperclassman sings at the school festival and gets scouted to make her debut as an idol, a group of students (played by the five members of 9nine) form a club for girls who want to become idols. The members end up creating their own bizarre lessons for themselves, resulting in comedic situations. The show will also feature scenes of 9nine performing as their characters imagine themselves becoming idols.

The show’s casting has Nishiwaki Sayaka as the enthusiastic founder of the club, Yoshii Kanae as the cool and capable member who is already taking actual song and dance lessons, Kawashima Umika as the serious type who was pulled into the group despite having no interest in becoming an idol, Satake Uki as the simple-minded type who is full of unwarranted confidence that she will surely become an idol, and Murata Hirona as a sharp-tongued young member. The five of them undertake various odd lessons as they prepare for their school festival in the fall.

“Konna no Idol Janain!?” will air late at night on Wednesdays (1:29am), beginning January 11.

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