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AKB48 monopolizes Oricon’s yearly single ranking ‘Top 5′ for 2011!

Oricon revealed that idol group AKB48 monopolized the TOP 5 of yearly single ranking for 2011.  AKB48’s total sales for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays during 2011 reached 8,911,000 copies.  For the first time since they debuted 6 years ago, AKB48  received the “Total sales by artist” honor which is given to the artist who has the most total annual sales during the year which for them was 16,280,000,000 yen.  Moreover, they topped 7 out of 16 categories in “The 44th Yearly Ranking 2011” proving that 2011 was the year for AKB48.

AKB48 released 5 singles this year, and all 5 sold over a million copies.  Though three groups; Pink Lady in 1978, Hikaru GENJI in 1988, and Arashi in 2009, have monopolized TOP3 of Oricon’s yearly single ranking in the past, this is the first time for any artist to monopolize the TOP5.  Selling over a million copies for 5 singles in one year is also a new record broken by AKB48 for the first time in 16 years when B’z and Mr. Children made the record with 4 singles in 1995.

Team A Captain, Takahashi Minami, who was present to receive a trophy for the “Total sales by artist”, commented surprisingly at the records they made, “Thank you for letting us have this wonderful prize.  This makes me feel that we are accepted by people for a little bit, and also makes me really happy“.

Oshima Yuko also said, “It was a big surprise.  When AKB48 started 6 years ago, it was like ‘the future is a closed book’ for us, and I never expected that AKB48 would be able to become the group to make these records.  I’m honored“.  Shinoda Mariko also stated that she wants to aim for more next year.

Below are the 7 categories in “The 44th Yearly Ranking 2011″ topped by AKB48:

● “Total sales, by artist” – 16,280,000,000 yen (*new record for a female group)
● “Number of copies sold for singles, by work” – “Flying Get” 1,587,000 copies (*new record for a female group)
● “Sum of sales for singles, by work” – “Everyday, Kachuusha” 2,150,000,000 yen
● “Sum of sales for singles, by artist” – 9,590,000,000 yen
● “Number of copies sold for music blu-ray discs (BDs), by work” – “AKB ga Ippai” 148,000 copies
● “Sum of sales for music BDs, by work” – “AKB ga Ippai” 1,010,000,000 yen
● “Sum of sales for music BDs, by artist” – 1,010,000,000 yen

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