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6:46 am - 12/21/2011


Kago Ai has announced her sudden marriage on her official blog and also revealed that she is currently pregnant.

Kago wrote on her official blog:

“To everyone who has always been cheering for me and supporting me:

I, Kago Ai, would like to announce that I have registered my marriage this month with a person I have known for some time now. Also, recently… I learned that I have a new life growing inside of me.

I feel such happiness from the bottom of my heart, and also feel a sense of responsibility. From now on, I would like for us to build an ordinary, quiet, and warm home life as the two of us work together and become closer to one another.

Although up until now I’ve caused so much worry, as Kago Ai, in my own way, as a 23 year old woman, a wife, and a mother, for the time being I want to fully embrace and treasure this happiness.

I would be truly happy if you continued to watch over me warmly from now on as well.“

In a postscript she noted that she does not plan on holding a press conference about the news, and asked that press inquiries be directed to Diamond Blog.


Edit: Wow at the comments.. Some of the stuff said in this post really make me disgusted and sad. Sad because I can't believe there are people who think such things. :/ I love Ai and though this news came as a huge shock to me (hence the post title) as well as to everyone else, reading some of the views expressed in here hurts.
retahdedtim 21st-Dec-2011 05:34 am (UTC)
No, you were fucking talking about how does one commit suicide without cutting themselves. I'm pretty sure Ai's exact suicide methods weren't revealed nor were any medical records regarding her treatment were released. YOUR SILLY ASS JUST ASSUMED BECAUSE SHE HAD CUTS ON HER WRISTS THAT SHE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE THROUGH SLITTING THEM. As opposed to, say, attempting suicide through any other method while also being a self-harmer. BUT SINCE YOU WORK IN THE MEDICAL FIELD I'M SURE YOU'RE AWARE THAT SOMEONE CAN SELF-HARM AS WELL AS ATTEMPT SUICIDE IN A WAY THAT DOES NOT USE CUTTING, RIGHT? RIGHT? I'M ALSO SURE THAT SINCE YOU WORK IN THE MEDICAL FIELD THAT YOU ARE AWARE THAT NOT ONLY IS IT POSSIBLE THAT SOMEONE SELF-MUTILATES BUT ATTEMPTS SUICIDE THROUGH SWALLOWING A BOTTLE OF PILLS THAT IT'S ALSO VERY COMMON TO DO SO, RIGHT? RIGHT? But I doubt you think this is at all a possibility, Bec who-works-in-the-medical-field-and-is-52-years-old-and-is-definitely-not-trolling.
bec2224 21st-Dec-2011 05:43 am (UTC)

Whoa, bigger asshat than I thought. You're a big boy Asshat aren't you.

Hey, Asshat the papers reported "with cuts on her wrist" that is what we were discussing, pills and hanging was never discussed. So go ahead and yell and scream at me all you want.

And I said I work in the medical field, I never said I work with suicidal people. But once again you I need to give you that definition.

Retarded Timmy and it fits. Go find someone else to bore with your trolling.

who is amazed that netizens get so upset and so out of whack just hearing people give their personal opinions on out of date ex-idols. WoW!
retahdedtim 21st-Dec-2011 06:35 am (UTC)
I know as much as everyone else and I like yourself, have come to my conclusions due to the fact that I have worked with suicidal people, the ones who really want to do it do it.

That says something other than "I have worked with suicidal people"? And, in conjunction with your whole "I work in the medical field," this is supposed to imply something other than "I work in the medical field with suicidal people?"

And, once again, having cuts on her wrists does not mean she attempted suicide through an attempt to slit them. In fact: "Kago was found on the floor with a slit wrist and a stupor apparently caused by consuming a large amount of tranquilizers." MAYBE THIS IS HOW ONE CAN ATTEMPT SUICIDE, HAVE CUTS ON THEIR WRISTS, BUT LEAVE THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT A SINGLE STITCH.

I'm beginning to think that what you meant by "I work in the medical field" is "I clean toilets in a hospital" because everything you've said is so fucking horrible, unprofessional, and unkind to people with serious problems that if you are in any way, shape, or form responsible for people's well-being that I hope your superior finds this journal, this thread, and reprimands you thoroughly before terminating your ass. You don't seem to know the first fucking thing about mental disorders or people who are suicidal, so I fucking hope you are never near a person who has a disorder or is/was suicidal. Let alone work with them. (Which, thank God, you've at least confirmed the latter.)

BTW. Oh, and about assumptions? I'm a girl.
bec2224 21st-Dec-2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Girl or boy, you're still spending an awful amount of time sounding like a high schooler defending someone you don't even know.

I stand by what I said at the beginning, she played at suicide to get attention, if you don't like me having this opinion then that's too bad. You have no clue what you are talking about at all. You ASSUME a hell of a lot.

And by the way, sorry for assuming Tim is a boy, My God what was I thinking.

Now I'm done, I have much better things to do on the web than chat with a fantic who is rude...bye bye.

hope my superior sees this...Gosh these people are funny...
(no subject) - Anonymous
bec2224 21st-Dec-2011 07:26 am (UTC)
Not only are you a slut, you can't count either.

retahdedtim 21st-Dec-2011 07:57 am (UTC)
Oh, and you know Kago Ai and her mental condition and are the perfect person to tell others that she's not really suicidal but just trying to get some attention? Spending an awful lot of time doing that even though you don't know her.

Interestingly enough, when you say someone with suicide ideation is just looking for attention, you piss off a lot of people who are/have been/ suicidal or has known/does know someone who is suicidal. I'm surprised that a 52-year-old doesn't realize that when you say offensive, generalized shit like this that you're basically asking people to jump down your throat. Also, don't be surprised when people are fucking rude as hell when you pull that type of shit. Because the shit you are saying is offensive and concerns a lot of people. At the very least, my rudeness only targets you, and you fucking deserve every inch of it.

And by the way, sorry for assuming Tim is a boy, My God what was I thinking.


But no, really, what is your position in the medical field and why did you say you've worked with suicidal people (~actual~ suicidal people) if you haven't? Nice dodge on that, completely.

And another nice dodge, why'd you drop the "she tried to slit her wrist!" angle? You harped on that shit for a good while. Does that point just disappear completely when it turns out that you're wrong and talking out of your ass?

And I don't believe your ass for a skinny second that you're leaving this conversation or have something better to do. You've said that like ten times already.

hope my superior sees this...Gosh these people are funny...

Girl, quit breathing in ammonia in those bathroom stalls at the hospital. I think it's causing you to talk to yourself and that can't be good. But what do I know? #notinthemedicalfield
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